STOKED&STONED is like YIN&YANG; they are opposite or contrary feelings yet they build on each other by their comparisons and are actually inter-connected. The duality of these feelings is our playful harmony. 

The first issue of STONED  Magazine was created in 2018 and STOKED&STONED followed shortly after, born as a cultural space to host unique creatives in our community. It started as a place where it’s possible to see, read, listen and discover your next most favorite thing. 

Through the years, we strive for memorable service and feel good inclusive vibes at our bar venue in Hannam-dong. We are a small business cultivating a community that supports sub-culture and independent creatives. We value books, and find them more inspiring than scrolling. We most likely play house music on the weekends, because it makes us move, smile and gets our crowd energized.

If you like to collaborate on something, please reach out to us.


ADDRESS  #201 633-3 Hannam-dong Yongsan-gu Seoul, Korea


PHONE +82 (0)70 8704 0288


주) 스톡앤스톤드

서울시 용산구 대사관로 72 201호 대표: 홍영석  

개인정보관리책임자: 김인영

사업자등록번호: 804-87-02871

통신판매신고번호: 2024-서울용산-0420